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3D Printed Corset


(ESMOD semester)

Personal Development

Year: 2017

From recycled components

3D Printed Corset

The 3D printed corset was a personal development project combined with self expression of sustainability values within the fashion industry. Sustainability means to me to show appreciation towards labour and raw material resources that compose clothing production, while being resourceful and innovative as a designer. As the resources of our planet are limited, I seek to explore new possibilities for material selection constantly. I am intrigued by the advancement of technology and how this could drive the fashion industry forward.


My personal development model demonstrates this enthusiasm, it took the concept of reusing materials that are no longer wanted and given a second life thanks to technological processes. The corset’s framework is delicately hand crafted with the help of a 3D pen. The 3D filament used is a recycled ABS from car dashboards and the fabric is made from recycled PET. Both materials could be easily disassembled from one another and recycled again.

Exhibitions & Press

Fashion Revolution: RUN IT UR WAY 2018- Catwalk debut at Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Sustainable Fashion Matterz- Featured my photographs in the article about RUN IT UR WAY.
Read here. 

This handcrafted art piece embodies the story behind your clothes. Its message is to raise awareness in consumers and promotes disclosure towards a transparent economy. It depicts the hard manual labour and resource inputs that frame clothing production. Each worker is crafted in a way to resemble fingerprints to imprint the uniqueness of workers and diversity within the fashion industry. The corset’s framework symbolizes the entire value chain by illustrating the hierarchical structure of tier 1, 2 and 3 workers. It is often the ones at the beginning of the value chain that suffer the most in terms of safety and working conditions. When looked upon the corset closely, its wobbly lines clearly indicates the hard hours of manual labour involved to create it and connects instantly with its viewers to raise awareness towards the creators and raw materials behind clothing in the future.

See more about RUN IT UR WAY

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