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Year: 2018

Group Project

(ESMOD semester)

Mechanically Recyclable Polyester Athleisure Capsule Collection

Adidas X TTRI

Adidas X TTRI

Design brief: In collaboration with TTRI (Taiwan Textile Research Institute) a circular athleisure concept was formulated as a case study for Adidas athletics. Circular design strategy guidelines were developed in groups based on the Cradle-to-Cradle system concept and conceptualized as a service system that would encourage consumers to keep products in the loop and enhance their perceived value. Examples for the implementation of circular design strategies in garments were visualized individually through sketches of a capsule collection proposition.


Group concept: We want to create a global take-back system for Adidas. This will then be reinforced through our Athleisure collection by creating a visual language that could aid in both the take-back and sorting organization.

Through designing a collection of Athleisurewear for Adidas, we aim to display the ability to design for circularity using all polyester materials and finishes. The collection of course needs to be fashionable, hip, and designed for an audience looking to be both on trend and yet casual. The pieces ideally will be designed in a way that will be both trend-forward but also strong enough aesthetically to be worn for longevity. When the pieces are finished being used we aim to communicate with the consumer that they can easily be brought back to the store to be recycled and then be used to create collections in the future.

When designing for circularity, as a group we focused our efforts on the global take-back system for collecting used and old clothing and making designs more streamlined and easier to sort.Concretely it means that through the colour of the overlock in the inside of the garment you can sort the clothing. We aim to use the colours of our overlock thread to differentiate different materials (yellow, blue, pink). Our collection out of synthetic mono-material (100% polyester) would have pink overlock thread.


Individual idea: Instead of screen printing logos, to make mechanical recycling smooth the smaller Adidas logos are embroidered, while the larger are appliquéd onto the clothing. Elasticity is rethought; no mixed fibres are needed to achieve a desirable stretch effect. The thorough selection of polyester compositions allows the natural stretch of materials. In this case, elastic bands are replaced with knitted ribs for finishing raw edges, while knitted fabrics replace blends that have up to 5% elasthane in them for shell fabrics and linings. When elastic bands are unavoidable, it is stitched with an opening in the inside for easy cut out, designed specifically for disassembly or easy repair in case of being worn out, which even the consumers themselves can carry out at home to prolong their item’s life.


Read more about our detailed research on our Tumbrl page.

Project Partner


Team Members

Katie Chappuis

Ronja Fell

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