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AP  Degree Thesis

Year: 2014

Designs to prolong embellished couture


I got glimpse into the world of couture during my 3 months embroidery and embellishment internship placement at Suzie Turner Couture in London, which served as a base for my AP Degree’s thesis.  Extensive primary and secondary research defined the trends and solutions how to utilize two layered lace couture garments and to extend their life. The solution was introduced through a collection in a sales portfolio with one set sewn for visuals.

​The collection consisted of base layers that could be combined with the top layers. The top layers could have embroidery and embellishment on them aimed at hand wash or dry cleaning only, while the base layer is machine washable.

The uniqueness of this collection lies within the top layers, as it could be combined with different bases for a complete new look. This allows for the handicrafts to be showcased in a different light every single time and prolongs their life as the base layers are the ones in direct contact with skin and subjected to wearing out sooner over time. For optimal combination results the matrix system was applied for collection rage building defining the variability of the garments according to colours and styles.

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