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Sønderborg Fashion Day

A 2-day sponsored local fashion event

Event Ideator & Organizer

Year: 2015
Poster credit: Samuel Vasko

Sønderborg Fashion Day Events

Sønderborg is home to several fashion companies, fashion and pattern maker education and was once home to the city’s largest workplace The Nordic Yarn Spinning Mill, yet there are currently no events related to the fashion and textile industry. Recognizing this gap in local fashion events, the Sønderborg Fashion Day, a self-initiated project was set up in collaboration with SSF. It was a sponsored 2-day event by Kulturkraft connecting locals, visitors, fashion design students, designers and industry specialists.


The Sønderborg Fashion Day took place at Black Spot Club within Sønderborghus and offered visitors an exhibition of local design student’s works, local design schools and brands. There were also guest speakers about various fields within the fashion industry and the introduction of trends took place with my trend forecast presentation opening the way to the ‘Light up the sky’ themed catwalk. Each participating designer or team of 2 could create one refunded outfit and/or exhibit existing designs to showcase at the event. As part of being one of the event organizers, recruiting volunteers, designing the interior and setting a theme was my responsibility too. I also took part in the catwalk show with a vegan leather jacket and presented previous works at the exhibition.

On the follow up event of Sønderborg Fashion Day, design workshops were facilitated at EASV to emerge locals within the world of fashion and engage them with hands-on experiences and self-made products. All workshops were held by local students and each visitor could participate in 2 workshops.


Fashion Day Design Workshops:

  1. Paint and decorate your own cotton bag  (Helena Steffensen & Eva-Maria Schober)

  2. Sew a bag with a zipper. (Dóry Tímár & Adrienn Gál)

  3. Draping (Anna Mosolygó)

  4. 3D fabric manipulation (Nikolett Madai)

  5. Make up for models (Sasha Natalia Suska)

  6. Photoshop (Paul Nylund)

  7. Sewing a key ring out of fake fur (Oliver B. Scheelke)

  8. Trend workshop and fashion illustrations (Renáta Palivonaite & Astrid Fick Thomsen)


Sønderborg Fashion Day 2015

Behind the Scenes- Videos about the fashion show preparations and designer introductions

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