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Incorporating by-products of the food industry into circular garment strategies

Master Thesis

Year: 2018


The concept “Grave-to-Cradle” draws a parallel between the circularity gaps in the food and the fashion industry. It suggests the incorporation of by-products of the food industry into circular strategies for garment production by developing the "Sustainable By-product Dyeing Principle". The five pillars of this principle establish a sustainability standard on how to include various food by-products in textile dyes for the fashion industry.


A practicable model in realizing the SBDP is drafted based on locally sourced juice processing turmeric peels and pomegranate rinds. The definition of locally sourced dyes is reinvented beyond cultivation to produce originated from local waste streams, resulting in the introduction of new yellow hues and shades to Berlin.



bJuice- Turmeric peel and by-product dyeing highlights at partner's HQ


Greenpeace: MAKE SMTHNG -DIY dyeing with your kitchen waste of pomegranate peel, avocado peel and seed workshop


Perspectives -AMD MA Sustainability in Fashion final projects exhibition

After conceptualizing the SBDP, it has been materialized into the sustainable luxury womenswear capsule collection. Two main sustainable development strategies are applied to achieve circular garments; a biodegradable biocycle for the pineapple leaf fibre (PALF) top and mono-material recycling for the organic cotton pieces.


To elaborate on how this by-product dyed collection could enter the luxury fashion scene, it is framed around a start-up business proposal called dyeluxe and its future perspectives.

See the entire collection on Not Just A Label.




Green Product Award (GPA):

Green Concept Award 2019 Selection & Winner

The nominated Grave-to-Cradle concept was published in GPA's 'Green Trends & Styles 2019' 6th Edition book and on Green Product Award's website. It won the Green Concept Award's Fashion Changer title.

Green Product Award Exhibition- Exhibited and presented on stage Grave-to-Cradle at the Internationale Handwerksmesse (March 13-17th 2019)

Photo credit: Green Product Award/Reinaldo Coddou H.

See dyeluxe's Instagram

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Thesis Partners

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Special Thanks To:

Model: Dominika Árki 

Make-up Artist: Mónika Varga

Photoshooting Assistants: István Madai, Dorina Kovács

Dyeluxe Logo Designer: Patrik Popper

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