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(ESMOD semester)

Group Project

Year: 2017

Circular spacial design

Mikado Installation

Photo credit: Michael Wittig

Mikado Installation

The Mikado project was a group effort of ESMOD BA Fashion Design second semester students and MA Sustainability in Fashion first semester students. The students were allocated into 3 different groups each building a temporary wooden sculpture fitting into the given area within ESMOD Berlin's facility. Our group set up the installation in ESMOD’s garden and named it ‘The Odyssey’ inviting people to take walk through it.

Each group was lent 32 squared timbers from an architecture school with the purpose to build an outdoor wooden installation without doing any damage to it like hammering in nails, as these pieces will be afterwards build into future houses. To facilitate this circular design strategy nylon cable wire straps were applied to hold together the timbers, which could be easily cut off and recycled.

The second half of the project consisted of observing the wooden installation through sketching with various media. I opted for graphite, coloured pencils, markers and inks.


ESMOD- Semester project exhibition in Berlin

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