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Youth Fashion Summit

Year: 2018/19

Team Work

2018/19 Participant

(SDG3 Human Capital)

Youth Fashion Summit

Youth Fashion Summit is a platform for students passionate about a sustainable world with fashion as leverage and gives the opportunity to influence the decisions made today that impact the world of tomorrow – it is the voice of the next generation. The Youth Fashion Summit happens just before the Copenhagen Summit in May so the results could be presented and showcased there.

The partnership between Youth Fashion Summit and the United Nations Global Compact takes form as a two-year student programme, which sets out to create a framework for the fashion industry how to reach Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5. Students are divided into groups within the SDGs as well based on Forum of the future’s Five Capitals Model- a framework for sustainability.

I was selected to be a part of the SDG 3 Human Capital team.


Human capital incorporates the health, knowledge, skills, intellectual outputs, motivation and capacity for relationships of the individual. However, it is also about joy, passion, empathy and spirituality. Combined together with the SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being applied within the fashion industry, human capital expands to ensuring good health, safe working conditions and appreciation for each individual along the supply chain.

Within the team throughout the three days at the Youth Fashion Summit the topic of human capital, problems areas related to health and well-being, the challenges and possible stakeholders were discussed. Brainstorming sessions were facilitated in sub-groups and large groups.

To reach the SDGs within fashion, a call for action is necessary. The Fashionultim8um was formulated envisioning a world where SDGs 3 and 5 are fully integrated and its demands serve as a path for action. Each team contributed with one demand, which was the result of day 3 when each team pitched three of their ideas to industry specialists and negotiations took place to settle for one final demand in the end. A visual poster was also created to accompany each demand.

SDG 3 Human Capital’s Demand:
We demand the industry to take responsibility and collaborate with government and NGOs, through legislation and enforcement, to ensure the health and well-being of individuals.

Learn more about YFS 2018/19 programme on their website.


Youth Fashion Summit


Behind the Scenes- Video summary of each day at the Youth Fashion Summit 

Copenhagen Summit


Opening Ceremony 2018- Youth Fashion Summit participants present their combined voice

SDG 3 Human Capital Team Members

Aherrera Angela

Ben Ali Olfa

Bertasiute Emilija

Beudeker Li
Deleu Lisa
Jordan Alicja

Kykta Katherine
McCree Brighid
Moreno Cindy

Niepelt Lisa
Peters Susanna
Vashisht Aayushi

YFS Partners

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